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postheadericon This Year, Embrace Holiday Cheer — Not Germs

The holiday season is the perfect time to see family and friends and to spread cheer. All of the traveling and rushing around creates the perfect environment for the spread of germs and viruses. Airports and train stations handle so many people around this time of the year that it seems impossible to avoid getting sick. Yet, there are plenty of ways to still enjoy the holidays without getting yourself and your loved ones sick.

Get Vaccinated

First and foremost, the flu shot is the best defense against viruses. The flu shot will help to outright prevent illness or at least reduce their severity and duration. The less time you spend being sick, the more time you have to enjoy the holidays without getting everyone else sick.

The flu shot is designed for practically everyone to get and everyone should consider being vaccinated. In particular, children and senior citizens will benefit the most from being vaccinated. Those of us with asthma, diabetes, heart disease, or a compromised immune system are also perfect candidates for a shot.

Think of the flu shot as a gift that you can give to everyone you meet this year.

Use Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer To Stop The Spread Of Germs

Antibacterial hand sanitizers are extremely effective at killing the germs and bacteria that cause illness. With all the traveling that most people do around this time of the year, we all come into contact with germs and sick people.

Carrying a personal bottle of antibacterial hand sanitizer is the perfect way to travel and meet people without worrying about catching their cold. Hand sanitizer is especially important when traveling via plane or train.

Even in the home and at the office, hand sanitizers do a lot to stop you from getting sick. Common areas and surfaces at work or at school will harbor germs, so a dispenser at your desk is ideal for staying healthy.

Sanitize before and after meals and meetings and any time you need to use communal property, like a copier. If someone in the home is already sick, hand sanitizers will help keep the rest of the family from catching the same illness. When visitors come calling, stock hand sanitizers in the home and in the bathroom.

Stay Healthy With Good Habits

Keeping the body and mind strong is one of the best natural ways to fight off illness. Getting plenty of sleep is so important in order to stay healthy during cold and flu season. A healthy diet and a multi vitamin supplement will fuel the bodys immune system. Exercise also builds up the immune response and does wonders for overall health.

Dont neglect mental and emotional health as well. Stress can weaken the body and make it susceptible to all sorts of germs. Take the time to relax during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and your body will keep you healthy.

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