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postheadericon What To Have On A Cross-countrey Road Trip

Theres nothing worse than beginning a cross country road trip and discovering your forgot your case of CDs two hundred miles back. Before beginning any long road trip, it is always essential to make sure you have all the items necessary to ensure youre thoroughly prepared for anything the vast expanse of the United States has to offer you. This article will discuss these essential items and why theyre important to have.

One of the worst aspects of a cross-country trip is the endless boredom that accompanies the open road. This goes double for those going at it alone. While having a ready supply of music is essential, at times it can become repetitive. This is where audio books and podcasts come in. With a quick search online you can find literally hundreds, if not thousands, of podcasts, almost all of which are available for free download. The same can be said for audio books, though they may require a more diligent search, as they usually have a fee attached to them. Programs such as iTunes break audio books and podcasts in categories, and while some are free and some arent, the options are endless.

When driving cross country, you have to be prepared for anything. As such, every car should contain a variety of items necessary for any situation. In addition to a spare tire and toolkit, some helpful items include towels, a change of clothes in a plastic bag, a gas canister, flashlights, and batteries. Beyond this you should be sure to have at a readily available location your insurance information, registration, etc. In some cases some form of protection, be it a gun (which requires a permit) or something as simple as a tire iron or crowbar may provide you with some peace of mind, especially if you decide to eschew hotels in favor of sleeping in the car.

Driving long hours across the country often means long stretches of road where stopping really isnt an option, and as such its always best to have the following items with you at all times: a bottle in case you have to, ahem, relieve yourself while on the road, and plenty of drinks (water, sodas, juices) and food (anything that doesnt need to be cooked). These items are not essential, yet if youre in a hurry and would rather not make unnecessary stops, they certainly help.

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